Instructor Reports

Each term, GatorEvals provides faculty with an auto-generated interim report from Blue 10 days after the Course End date that is set in the Registrar's office. Official GatorEvals and historical GatorRater data will now be available through the university's reporting tool called Cognos. By policy, course evaluation data is available to faculty the day after final grades are due to students in ONE.UF. 

To view your GatorEvals Blue Interim Report, please visit your GatorEvals dashboard

GatorEvals and Historical GatorRater OPT Download

The university created an updated faculty view in myUFL that provides an .rtf document that includes summary data of all your evaluation data. As a note, the new GatorEvals system separates out the 6 Instructor related questions and the 4 Course related questions. The tables that are included in the download will now have an Instructor and Course columns. The Course column only populates data from the GatorEvals system as it includes Course related questions. Prior years of GatorRater data will not have values in the Course column. 

To access, please follow the navigation path: --> Main Menu > My Self Service > Faculty Course Evaluations > UF Faculty Course Evaluations

GatorEvals and Historical GatorRater Cognos Data

Please use the following navigation path to login to view your GatorEvals and GatorRater data:

  1. GatorEvals Data
  2. GatorEvals Browse Individual Evaluation Data
  3. GatorRater Historic Data
  4. GatorRater Historic Browse Individual Evaluation Data

or by following the guided steps below via

GatorEvals Cognos View

The image below is an example of how your GatorEvals data will appear.