When will instructors be able to see their evaluations?

Instructors will receive a standard report for each of their classes the day after final grades are available to students in ONE.UF.

How do I access the evaluation system?

Department administrators may access the GatorEvals Blue Portal at: https://ufl.bluera.com/ufl/.

If you do not currently have access, you need to work with your Department Security Administrator to request the proper access.

The instructor is showing up in AAR/Effort Reporting, but not showing up in GatorEvals.

Please note that GatorEvals is not tied to AAR or Effort Reporting in any way. All instructors must be associated with a course/section in Course Scheduling in order to be available to evaluate in GatorEvals.”

How do I delete an evaluation that has been added into the GatorEvals Blue Portal?

Please view the Opting Out Course Sections PDF for step by step instructions.

Why do I not see Course X in the system?

The GatorEvals system pulls data directly from the Student Information System. If a course is not showing up in the system, it is probably due to the fact that there is either no instructor assigned or there are no students enrolled. Please contact GatorEvals-Support@ufl.edu if you need further assistance.

How do I adjust a course evaluation dates if they differ from the university's standard evaluation dates?

Please view the Adjusting Evaluation Dates PDF for step by step instructions.

How do I add/remove an instructor in SIS (COMPASS) after Drop/Add?

Each term SIS becomes unavailable after Drop/Add. Therefore, you must submit any instructor changes using this Course Change Form.

How do I split course sections in GatorEvals?

Please view the Splitting Course Sections PDF for step by step instructions.