Encourage Student Participation


On-Campus/Face-to-Face Courses

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes at the start of class to complete the evaluation.
    • Show students how to access evaluations via website, Canvas, or via email. 
    • Remind students ahead of time to bring laptops/tablet/mobile device to class.
    • Add this time on class calendar in syllabus, Canvas, etc. 
  • Result: Shows that student evaluations are important to you.

Online Courses

  • GatorEvals is in the Canvas navigation menu.
    • Canvas popup message
    • Canvas calendar
    • Canvas to-do
    • Canvas announcement
  • Post evaluation timeline in syllabus and modules in Canvas.

Opt-In to Midterm Evaluation

  • Instructors can “Opt-In” to have their students complete a midterm evaluation
    • 3 Likert Scale Items
    • 4 Free Response Items
  • Email to instructors comes at 30% of course completion
  • Email to students comes at 40% of course completion
  • Midterm report to instructors comes at 50% of course completion.

Live Response Rates

Talk to Students About Importance

  • Educate Students about course evaluations:
    • What are they for?
    • Why should they care?
    • What should they keep in mind when completing evaluations?

360 Feedback


  • Share how you have used course evaluation feedback to shape your course or teaching methods
  • Share examples of student feedback on items you might not change
  • Describe to students what is ‘helpful’ feedback
    (see Constructive Feedback document)

Student focus groups

  • Students are more likely to give positive feedback when they know their feedback is being heard