How do I access my course evaluations?

There are 3 ways to access your evaluation:

  1. Email: Students will receive 3 emails from GatorEvals with a link to their evaluation.
  2. GatorEvals Portal: Students may access their evaluation via the following link: https://ufl.bluera.com/ufl/
    • Login with your Gatorlink username and password
    • You should see your course(s) listed
    • Click on a course to complete the evaluation.
  3. Canvas: students who are taking a course(s) that use Canvas can also complete their evaluation by clicking on the GatorEvals link in the navigation menu. If there is not a GatorEvals link in the navigation menu, please contact the Student Help Desk for assistance at 352-392-4357 or at heldesk@ufl.edu.
Do instructors have access to my personally identifiable information in connection with the instructor evaluation?

Your instructor will not be able to see any student identifiable information associated with responses.  Course evaluations are not shared with the instructors until after grades are posted. However, your SIS (Student Information System) information may be accessed by University Officials for legitimate education and other appropriate purposes.

Can I submit responses using a mobile device?

Yes. GatorEvals can be completed on your mobile device.

Whom should I contact for support?

If you have trouble logging-in to the system, contact the UF Helpdesk at helpdesk@ufl.edu or (352) 392-HELP (4357).

I do not see an online course evaluation link for one of my classes, what should I do?

If your course is not in Canvas, you will receive an email from GatorEvals that will link to a dashboard to complete your evaluation. If your course is missing from Canvas, and the GatorEvals dashboard, contact the UF Helpdesk at helpdesk@ufl.edu or (352) 392-HELP (4357)

Can I edit my evaluation response after it has been submitted?

An evaluation response can be edited and resubmitted, but only during the evaluation period. Once the evaluation period closes, it cannot be edited.