How do I access my midterm evaluation results?

GatorEvals Midterm reports are available by logging into Midterm reports are made available to faculty one day after 50% of the course is completed. The date is calculated based on the Course Start and Course End date that is set in the Registrar system. 

Will students see the evaluation results?

Students will be able to see evaluation results once they are made public. Results must be publicly reported by the following dates: 

  • Fall semesters by March 1
  • Spring semesters by June 15
  • Summer semesters by October 1

Can I add my own questions to the online evaluation?

Yes, if your college has included a question bank in the system. Faculty in colleges with a supplemental question bank will receive an email from GatorEvals two weeks prior to the evaluation period. Faculty have the ability to select up to 5 supplemental questions from their college’s approved question bank.

Can I change the dates of the evaluation period for my course?

No, only your department administrator and the University Evaluations Coordinator can change the dates of an evaluation period. 

How do I monitor response rates?

There are 2 ways to monitor live response rates.

  1. Email: Faculty will receive an email the day the evaluation period opens to monitor response rates. 
  2. GatorEvals Response Rate Monitor: Faculty will receive an email with a link to access their response rates via the GatorEvals Blue Portal at:
How can I help increase response rates?

We recommend that faculty members devote 15 minutes of class time at the beginning of class so students can complete the evaluation. The instructor should not be present while the evaluation is being completed. In your course is online, we recommend that instructors add completing the evaluation as part of the calendar notification. Please visit for additional ways to increase response rates. 

Who should I contact for support?

If you have trouble logging-in to the system, contact the UF Helpdesk at or (352) 392-HELP (4357).

If a course/section is missing or needs to be added for evaluation, please contact your department administrator.

How do I change the Gator1 Card image that is displayed next to my evaluations?

You are restricted to using the photo associated with you Gator1 card. If you wish to have an updated photo taken please contact the staff at ID Card Services for assistance. 

I am a graduate teaching assistant and my evaluations are not available on the public results site. Why is this so?

The Public Results site displays a limited subset of evaluation results based on the primary affiliation of the instructor. When a section is added to the evaluations system, the primary affiliation of the instructor is examined. If that primary affiliation indicates that the instructor is a student, then the evaluation is not made available in the Public Results site. The reasoning is that at a certain level those evaluations could be considered part of the instructor's student record and thus subject to FERPA restrictions. There may be graduate assistants whose primary affiliation is no longer that of a student. The evaluations of those instructors will be made publicly available.

Are students who have committed an honor code violation allowed to submit a course evaluation for the course associated with the violation?

Yes, all students will be encouraged to complete course evaluations for all courses in which they are enrolled. Student Conduct Code violations will be taken into consideration when course evaluations are reviewed for faculty tenure and promotion purposes.

What are the new core evaluation questions?

Please visit GatorEvals Question Set to view the updated questions and resources.