Course Evaluation Taskforce Members

Angel Kwolek-Folland, Associate Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs – Chair  

Carol Cobb, Application Developer, UF Enterprise Systems 

Keith Diem, Professor & Extension Specialist, Family, Youth and Community Sciences 

Wanda Garfield, User Support Specialist UF Information Technology  

Adam Heward, IT Manager UF Information Technology  

John Jordi, Learning & Organizational Specialist, Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence 

Angela Lindner, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs 

Susan Schaffer, Clinical Associate Professor and Director, DNP Program 

Jennifer Smith, Director, Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence  

Jeannie Starobin, Associate Director of Student Success and Engagement  

Jane Thomas, Business Relations Manager, UF Information Technology 

Ray Thomas, Associate in Geology  

Hans van Oostrom, Associate Professor & Director, Institution for Excellence in Engineering Education  

Brandon Vega, Associate Director, Systems and Programming UF Information Technology  

In order to facilitate workflow, the Task Force was divided into two groups, a subcommittee to focus on policy and implementation issues, and a subcommittee to focus on IT and technical issues.